You know that presenting a quality wedding videography with the highlights is quite a big deal. And at this point, you can only rely on the professional wedding videographers. If you think that they nail it, you are wrong. Even for them, editing wedding videos and preparing wedding video highlights becomes overwhelming though they have years of experience and knowledge. If you ask any reputable professional videographer, they will tell you that storytelling and preparation is the key to a successful wedding video highlights edit.

In the following passages, we are going to unveil the secrets that lie beneath every successful wedding video highlights. So here we go.

Wedding Video Highlights Editing Tips Professionals Follow

A wedding video comprises two basic versions. The highlight reel is meant for online. And the full-length film is for the couples so they can enjoy the entire video by taking their time. The wedding videographers need to work on both. Thus, you know that it is quite a big deal to manage both the projects side by side.

A full-length film is like any standard video, capturing the moments of the day. However, when it comes to the highlight reel, it has advanced the industry over the past decade. Since it first emerged, it became the most requested item since it is easy and successful to share online. Several couples only want a wedding video highlight.

The following points can help you check out the tricks that professionals follow to make it stand out:

Planning Transitions Ahead Of Time

It helps the experts a lot at the time of editing. At this point, they have to keep various factors in mind – such as cross dissolve, proper sliding, dissolve, fade to black, cuts etc. to create a seamless look. You know that tackling all these things side by side is a challenge.

Proper Order of the Clips for the Best Storytelling

It is both tricky and creative part. According to the experts, showing everything in order is not necessary for a wedding highlights reel. Here, it is crucial to put everything in an attractive and storytelling way. Different wedding videographers prefer proceeding creatively.

Short and Tight Is the Hottest Trend

Unlike the full-length wedding films, the highlight reels come in a shorter form since every wedding couple wants to share this online. The full-length film is time-taking. And that is great to enjoy together. And highlights are for online sharing that the experts keep in mind while editing highlight reels.

Apart from all these, picking the right music, colour grade, etc. is also very important while editing the wedding highlight reels.

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